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Here at Rich Haag & Associates, we know that as a business owner in the Clayton, North Carolina area, you have several things going on at once every single day. There are items you have to handle personally to ensure the continued growth and profitability of your business, and then there are things you can and should put into the hands of others. As your insurance agent, we understand the evolving landscape of a company’s insurance coverage needs, and we will stay on top of keeping you protected so you can focus on other matters.

Rich Haag has been in the insurance industry since 1995 and prides himself on staying current on the changes that can affect your company’s insurance needs. We will take the time to talk with you regularly, so we can stay on top of any policy changes that need to be made or additional coverages you should consider.

Let an insurance agent who cares protect your business from the things you hope will never happen.

Business Insurance

Business Insurance

We will help your business be prepared with the best insurance coverage for your needs.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber Liability Insurance

When everyone is a target these days, the best option is protecting yourself and your company with cyber liability coverage.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Work with an insurance agent who cares about your company’s success and future.

Several Types of

Business Insurance Coverage

There are several types of business insurance coverage that we can help you with, including general liability, professional liability, workers’ compensation, and fleet insurance. We can also help you with life insurance, cyber liability insurance, and financial planning.

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When it comes to having an insurance agent who cares about protecting your business from the things you hope will never happen, you can turn to us with confidence that we will always be there with advice and recommendations that best serve your needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We can review your current coverage and determine if there are any issues that need to be addressed.