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Protecting your business’ assets is key to ensuring your operation’s ongoing success, both on an operational and financial level. Part of this involves insuring any vehicles your business uses for daily tasks. Commercial auto insurance can be for only one vehicle; however, it is not so much about the number of vehicles as much as what you do with your vehicles. For instance, you may only own one food truck, but that auto needs to be covered as a commercial vehicle because it is certainly not a personal one. It is also eligible for business income coverage. That is not something you will find on a personal policy. Contractors with one vehicle are also in this position. Most personal policies do not anticipate the coverage needed for a business situation. Bundling vehicles is another way to insure business vehicles. If you are a Clayton, North Carolina business that owns or operates any business-use vehicles, commercial auto & fleet insurance is an ideal way to cover one to several vehicles at the same time for a more affordable rate.

Commercial Auto & Fleet Insurance in Clayton, North Carolina

At Rich Haag & Associates, we regularly recommend commercial auto & fleet insurance for food trucks, construction companies, taxi services, delivery services, vehicle rental companies, and any other company that relies on a fleet of vehicles to provide products or services. At the core of every commercial auto & fleet insurance policy is blanket coverage of all employees and vehicles listed. This provides any employee who drives a company vehicle with coverage, unless they are specifically excluded from the policy.

Besides a reduction in overall cost for insuring your vehicles, a fleet insurance policy is beneficial because it allows for any driver to operate any vehicle in your fleet, which is ideal for companies with multiple drivers and multiple vehicles. For your policy to be most effective, it should either meet or exceed the minimum coverage requirements for commercial vehicles in your local area.

As a local agency, we will make certain your commercial fleet & auto insurance policy provides the proper coverage for your specific business, so you are always covered in the event that you need to make a claim. We will also make sure you get the best rate for the coverage your business requires. Contact us at Rich Haag & Associates today for more information and a quote for your business!