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Protect your business from major financial loss with general liability insurance.

If you own a business in Clayton, North Carolina, regardless of whether it is a restaurant, retail shop, or doctor’s office, you are liable for any accidents that may occur at your site. This means you are also responsible for any expenses that result from these situations. The best way to protect your business’ profitability and reputation in the event of an accident is to make sure you have a comprehensive general liability insurance policy in place.

General Liability Insurance in Clayton, North Carolina

There are many types of general liability insurance that exist on the marketplace today. While some pay the medical bills of the injured party or other specific costs, others are more comprehensive and include medical expenses, lawyer’s fees, other court fees, and the full value of the claim. Without general liability insurance and specifically, the right amount, you could be risking everything. The standard claim can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and in some cases, your personal property as the business owner could be at risk.

Before you decide on a general liability insurance policy for your business, consult with us at Rich Haag & Associates for a specific idea of what you need to become adequately covered. We will perform a general business risk assessment to determine your business’ level of risk and help you determine an appropriate policy cap. We will also help you compare costs and rates for different plans, making sure you have plenty of competitive options to choose from.

Maintain your company’s reputation and success by scheduling an assessment of your general liability insurance needs with our office today. We are always happy to hear from you and are devoted to helping your business!