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Call on us when you want to plan with an insurance agent who puts your needs first.

If you have ever interacted with an insurance company to discuss one type of coverage and found that within moments, their insurance agent was pushing hard to get you to purchase several different policies, you may have felt like they were not putting your needs first. Here at Rich Haag & Associates, we believe the only way to provide you with the best service is to get to know you before we start discussing the myriad of coverages available.

Insurance Agent in Clayton, North Carolina

While we might suggest more types of coverage than you might have been thinking about when you first reached out to an insurance agent, it will always be because we have learned you have gaps in your coverage that put you at unnecessary risk. We will not employ high-pressure tactics just to sell you more insurance than you need.  You can feel confident that you will have the coverage you want without going overboard.

We feel that it is important that your insurance policies and your financial plan work together. That means looking at your budget, risk tolerance, liability risk, and both short and long-term goals. We will help you put your funds in the right places to minimize your exposure to life-changing events that can undermine your future goals and the security of future generations.

If you would like to plan with an insurance agent who puts your needs first, really cares about your Clayton, North Carolina business and future, and will stay on top of the insurance industry to be able to address your current and future concerns, call us to schedule a consultation. We are confident you will see what makes us different and why we have been a trusted source for insurance and financial planning services since 1995.