6 Reasons Why Training Your Staff on Cybersecurity Threats is a Must [infographic]

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While your IT professional can monitor and protect your equipment to reduce cybersecurity threats, it is also important to train your employees on what they can do to prevent and actively reduce cybercrime within your organization. At Rich Haag & Associates, we believe training your employees on cybersecurity threats is essential for the following reasons and encourage you to contact us about NAS CyberNET, which offers a full suite of interactive training courses designed to help your employees circumvent cybersecurity issues.

6 Reasons Why Training Your Staff on Cybersecurity Threats is a Must [infographic]


1.  Cybercrime isn’t going anywhere—The world becomes more and more digitized through advancements in technology every day. Along with this, cybercriminals are getting savvier at developing scams and attack vectors to trick their victims and disrupt business operations.

2.  Employees gain a better understanding of company security policies—You probably already have security controls and policies in place to circumvent cybercrime, but your employees may not be entirely aware of these practices. Training your staff on cybersecurity can help them understand these principles, so they can effectively apply them.

3.  Your company creates a culture of cybersecurity—Insulating your business information goes beyond a foolproof firewall and strong passwords. A cybersecurity training program can help your business set clear expectations for all employees and ultimately reduce cybercrime attacks.

4.  Customers feel more confident knowing their information is protected—A data breach can instantly shake the confidence of investors and customers involved with your organization. With evidence of complete cybersecurity training, you can improve your company’s reputation and instill greater confidence in your clients.

5.  Avoid the repercussions of a cyberattack—The damages of a cyberattack can be detrimental to your business. When your employees know how to stop a cyberattack on the front lines, you can prevent loss of revenue, reputational damage, loss of clients, and operational disruptions.

6.  Improve employee confidence and reduce stress—Your employees may feel stressed when they hear news about yet another data breach and helpless if they do not know how to circumvent one of these attacks. Cybersecurity training empowers your employees and helps them feel more confident in their actions.